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1098-T - Tuition Statement

Form 1098T - Tuition Statement

WVU Tax Services announces that WVU will again be working with the business processing vendor ACS in preparing Form 1098-T Tuition Statement for use by either the students or their parents in the filing of their 1040 personal tax return. Form 1098-T will be available on-line starting mid to late January through ACS at Hard copies will be mailed by January 31 to the student’s permanent mailing address as listed in Star.

As a note to new students, if this is the first year you will receive a Form 1098-T from WVU, you will be unable to register with the ACS website until we have completed the upload of the data file to ACS. Please continue to check back with the ACS website and once the information is available it will allow you to register at that time.

As in the past, WVU is encouraging all students to register to receive their Form 1098-T electronically. This can be done by going to the ACS website at and registering. By choosing the electronic (paperless) option, you will help WVU further its commitment to campus sustainability and going green. You will also play a direct role in being a part of our efforts to reduce waste, protect our environment, and preserve our natural resources. For more information about Sustainability at WVU visit WVU Sustainability.

Form 1098-T for previous calendar years will also be available on-line through ACS at If you need Form 1098-T for the calendar year 2009 or prior, please contact the WVU Tax Services unit directly at or at 304.293.3379 extension 3.

Form 1098-T will not be issued to our International Students, unless requested by the student. An International Student considered a Non-Resident Alien (NRA) for income tax purposes is not eligible for the various educational tax credits and/or deductions. The IRS therefore does not require WVU to issue Form 1098-T to International Students. If you are an International Student and have questions concerning this situation, please contact WVU Tax Services.

Feel free to contact ACS with questions concerning your Form 1098-T at: or at 1.877.467.3821.