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Parking Deductions

Effective with the July 5, 2019, pay date, West Virginia University no longer will offer a pre-tax payroll deduction for parking permits at any WVU parking facility, including our regional campuses. This is due to a change in the federal tax law as part of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, which no longer allows employers to treat parking as a deductible or pre-tax expense.

Employees who currently have a pre-tax payroll deduction for parking automatically will be switched to a post-tax payroll deduction. No action is required by you at this time. This notice is only to inform you of the upcoming changes.

The cost of your parking permit will not change at the main campus locations; however, because the deduction for your parking permit will become a post-tax payroll deduction, your net take-home earnings will be affected. Note; there will be an increase in the parking rates at the WVU Beckley campus. This rate increase is scheduled to go into effect at the beginning of the Fall 2019 academic year. 

We appreciate your understanding as these changes become effective. To view more information see our Frequently Asked Questions [pdf]. Contact us at or 304-293 3379 ext. 3 with any questions.