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How does the monthly compliance process work?

1. Tax Services reviews the time cards on a monthly basis and tracks non-compliance.

2. Tax Services provides International Students and Scholars Services with a file of International Student Employees that are in non-compliance with the 20 hour work week rule (40 hours per week during a period of break).

3. International Students and Scholars Services contacts and counsels each International Student Employee who is in non-compliance.

4. Tax Services sends non-compliance notices to the International Student Employee’s immediate supervisor and EBO.  Each notice provides the International Student Employee’s name, supervisor, work week of non-compliance, and hours worked during that week.  Each notice also documents if it is the first, second, or third non-compliance period for the International Student Employees.

5. Upon receipt of the non-compliance notice, supervisors should counsel the International Student Employee regarding the 20 hour work week guidelines including time cards, the definition of a work week, and the definition of a period of break to ensure the International Student Employee understands the rules.

6. All International Student Employees are now being advised of the Immigration guidelines as part of the on-boarding process for payroll when they process with Tax Services.  They are required to sign a statement stating they are aware of the Immigration guidelines and the 20 hour rule.