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How does the monthly compliance process work?

Q. How does the compliance program work?

A. Tax Services reviews the time cards on a bi-weekly basis and tracks non-compliance.

Tax Services will notify the ISE, the ISE’s immediate supervisor, and the EBO.  Each notice provides the ISE’s name, supervisor, work week of non-compliance, and hours worked during that week. 

Upon receipt of the non-compliance notice, ISEs and their supervisors should review the timecard for accuracy.  If the timecard is incorrect, the supervisor should notify Tax Services and the EBO to have the hours corrected.

If the timecard is correct, the supervisor should notify Tax Services and the EBO and have an employment termination form submitted.  The Department should immediately discontinue permitting the ISE to work.

Tax Services will then provide ISSS with a file of ISEs that are in non-compliance with the 20-hour work rule (40 hours during a period of break).

ISSS will contact and counsel each ISE who is in non-compliance.  The student's SEVIS record will be terminated for unauthorized work.  The student must obtain a new I-20, depart the US, and return on the new I-20.

Upon termination of the student’s SEVIS record, the ISE will immediately be terminated from payroll.  They must reprocess with Tax Services after obtaining a new I-20 and completing SEVIS check-in with ISSS  before they will be permitted to resume employment.  ISEs are not permitted to work during the period between termination of their old I-20 and when they reprocess for payroll.  Doing so would be an additional violation of the student’s visa.

All ISEs are advised of the Immigration guidelines as part of the on-boarding process for payroll when they process with Tax Services.  They are required to sign a statement that they are aware of the Immigration guidelines and the 20-hour rule.