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Treaty Benefits

Attention International Students & Employees

Attention all International students and employees who are eligible for treaty benefits, it is time to complete the treaty documents to claim the treaty benefit for 2015. Please schedule an appointment with Tax Services at (304) 293-3379, extension 3 or via e-mail at

Please bring the following items to each appointment: Passport(s), Work authorization document(s) (i.e. I-20, DS 2019, EAD cards), I-94 card(s) or printout and/or other immigration document(s).

International students and employees who fail to complete their 2015 treaty documents by December 22, 2014 will have Federal income tax and West Virginia State income tax withheld from their pay beginning with their January 16, 2015 pay until a valid treaty document is completed. The University cannot refund Federal and WV State taxes withheld from these individuals if they fail to timely renew their treaty for 2015. To avoid these situations, please ensure that an appointment is made so the tax treaty documents can be completed before Monday, December 22, 2014.

If you did not claim a tax treaty benefit for 2014 and feel you may be eligible for a tax treaty, please contact the Tax Services unit. Comments and questions relating to nonresident alien individuals should be directed to Marie E. Jackson at (304) 293-0468.