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Our Team

About Us

The Tax Services unit is a dedicated team of professionals committed to creating and maintaining relationships with a diverse University community. Our goal is to deliver quality tax services including tax planning, filing, research and administration surrounding the tax implications of activities conducted by the University. We are responsible for preparing University information and income tax returns including employee Forms W-2; student Forms 1098-T, vendor Forms 1099 and tax documents reporting U.S. income subject to withholding for foreign nationals Forms 1042-S. We also provide limited tax services to other University related organizations. The Tax Services unit ensures that University tax policies and procedures are followed and in meeting these objectives, that the tax-exempt status and integrity of the University is protected.

WVU Tax Services cannot provide advice on any personal income tax requirements or issues. Information from this website or any other website referred to from this website is for general information only and does not represent personal tax advice, either express or implied. You are encouraged to seek professional tax advice for personal income tax questions and assistance.

About our Assistant Director

Melissa D. Hunt is the Assistant Director for the West Virginia University Tax Services Unit. She is a licensed Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA) with a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration both from WVU. She has 11 years of auditing experience with Workforce WV as a Tax Examiner for both the Unemployment and Workers’ Compensation Divisions. Her auditing experience focused on the independent contractor versus employee status and the proper treatment of these situations for tax purposes.

Since joining WVU in 2008, she has focused on tax issues and reporting requirements that effect WVU. This focus covers a broad range including employment tax issues such as proper tax withholding from wages; student FICA rules; taxable fringe benefits; and nonresident alien (NRA) tax rules and treaty allowances. Her work, along with the Tax Services team, generates multiple and high volume numbers of both federal and state tax returns and employee and student tax forms required to be filed by WVU. Melissa also spends time in research of tax law and pending changes in the effort to ensure compliance by WVU with the tax rules and regulations.