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WVU-P&TS-4 I9 Form Completion Policy


West Virginia University Policy
Division of Administration and Finance

Reason for this Procedure: The purpose of this policy is to define the requirements for the Federal I-9 Form completion when hiring new employees.

To Whom Does This Procedure Apply:  

This policy applies to all University departments, including those on the regional campus.

Federal regulations require that all U.S. employers complete and retain a Federal I-9 Form for each individual hired, including citizens and non-citizens of the United States, prior to beginning employment. The employee must complete a Federal I-9 Form through WVU Employee Processing Services (EPS) prior to or on the first day of employment. Failure to comply with this policy could result in fines, penalties, or other disciplinary actions against the hiring department and/or its supervisor or hiring official.

To comply with federal regulations, West Virginia University must examine the employment eligibility and identity document(s) an employee presents to verify that (1) the document(s) reasonably appears to be genuine and (2) the document(s) belongs to that individual. WVU Employee Processing Services (EPS) must then record required information from the document(s) on the Federal I-9 Form.


Employees must bring the required employment eligibility and identity document(s) to Employee Processing Services (EPS) for the Federal I-9 Form to be completed. A list of acceptable documents can be found at

The steps listed below show the correct procedure for hiring and processing an employee:

  1. Position created by Human Resources
  2. Applicant is offered employment by department/Human Resources
  3. Applicant proceeds to EPS with required documentation and completes payroll paperwork
  4. EBO completes the Hiring Wizard form for all employees not hired through WVU Hire.  Information from WVU Hire will be sent automatically to EPS. (The date of hire cannot precede the I-9 signature date.)
  5. EBO and hiring supervisor receives email confirmation from EPS once the employee has been entered into the payroll system. (Employee cannot begin working until confirmation has been received.)

Employees will NOT be placed on payroll if they fail to be processed by EPS prior to their first day of work. 

For convenience, EPS offers processing locations during standard business hours at One Waterfront Place and other locations throughout campus. Please contact WVU Employee Processing Services at 304.293.3379 Option 2 or visit for specific locations and times. Special accommodations can be made for large groups by contacting the EPS department.



It is the responsibility of the Dean, Director, or business office to implement and maintain this policy within their college, department, or unit. Employee Processing Services, at 304.293.3379 Option 2, is available to answer questions or provide additional information regarding this policy.



The responsibility for interpretation of this policy rests with the Director of Payroll & Employee Processing Services – West Virginia University.

Originally Issued: January 27, 2010
Approved By:
Narvel G. Weese,Jr., Vice President for Administration and Finance
March 8, 2016
Approved By:
Dan Durbin, Sr. Associate Vice President - Finance