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Form 1098-T Access Information

WVU Tax Services has issued the 2023 Form 1098-T, Tuition Statement. Current WVU students now have online access to their current year's Form 1098-T through the WVU Portal by selecting the following prompts:
  • Select the Student role under the Menu in the upper left corner.
  • Click Pay your bill here.
  • Click My Account.
  • Select Statements.
  • Select 1098-T.
Students who consented to electronic only delivery will not receive a paper copy via mail. Only students who did not consent to electronic only delivery will be mailed a paper copy to the student's permanent address as listed in the WVU student information system (STAR) on January 5, 2024.

2023 Forms 1098-T for former WVU students (including those who graduated), as well as Forms 1098-T for current and former WVU students for 2016 through 2022, are available online through the Educational Computer Systems, Inc. (ECSI) website. When accessing your Form 1098-T in ECSI, you will need to enter the Zip Code for your permanent address as listed in STAR. You can review your personal information in STAR to confirm what Zip Code should be entered.

Forms 1098-T for calendar year 2015 and earlier are not available on the ECSI website, but students can contact Tax Services to request a copy of these forms. For verification purposes, be sure to provide:
  • Your name at the time you were enrolled at WVU,
  • A contact telephone number,
  • The month and year of your birth, and
  • Your WVUID (if you do not remember your WVUID, you can look it up using WVU Login Self-Service; this service works for both current and ex-students).
For your protection, do not provide your Social Security number via email when requesting your Form 1098-T.

International students with a nonresident alien tax status are generally not eligible to use Form 1098-T on their income tax return to claim educational tax credits and deductions. Therefore, Forms 1098-T are not issued to international students at WVU unless explicitly requested by a student. If you are an international student in need of a Form 1098-T, please contact Tax Services for instructions on requesting the form.

Additional information on Form 1098-T can be found on the Form 1098-T Frequently Asked Questions page.